do you rap?

Have you ever been sitting on the bus, thinking that the dude next to you might be a huge rapper? We wonder the same thing, so we decided to hit the streets and start picking up the hottest new talent.

Pimp My Rapper
Bredd and Sha were rolling in the rap van looking for some hot MC's when they spotted underground rapper Wallace. He was a little stiff at first but once they took him for a ride back to this studio he really loosened up, and pretty soon he was spitting hot flows like a pro.

Detroit Is Planet Rap
Bredd Loaf hit the streets of Detroit on Memorial Day weekend looking for the next big thing to bust out of Michigan. At first all he found were some lyrical teases, but pretty soon he hooked up with a hot rapping duo. Back at the studio they triple-teamed the mic and literally took conscious rap to the next level!

European Bangers
European Bangers
Sha James was out looking for some trim when he came across these rugged European rappers named Vince and Kalhoun. They were from some country named Draconia that nobody's ever heard of, but they still ripped the mic raw for!